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Rowan Clarke's Racing & Coaching is a triathlon club dedicated to offering fun, support and inspiration for athletes and their families by creating a sociable and driven environment where members help each other to be focused, to give training their all and to succeed in triathlon events.

Rowan Clarke offers comprehensive group triathlon training for all ages and abilities. He also hosts social and educational events and offers quality race-day support – this is all made possible with the support of our partners.

Triathlon training Brisbane

Rowan Clarke is himself an experienced triathlon competitor and has completed in many iron man events around the world including the Hawaiian Ironman, which is well know for attracting many professional athletes.

The triathlon training takes place around South Brisbane at different locations, which have been specifically chosen for each area of training: swimming, long-run, transitions and running.

Members are invited to take part in all areas of triathlon training or just the areas that they need to strengthen.  If you are an athlete who just wishes to improve your swimming, cycling or running skills but not looking to run a triathlon that’s fine we can help you focus on your personal goals though selective training.

Training times can be found on our triathlon-training schedule and training location maps can be found on our contact page.

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If you have any questions for Rowan about the training, his experience or  how he can help you to become a triathlon champion please get in touch! You can call on 0413 667 639 or use the online form to send an email.

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